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David Mc Cague Chairperson ESCI

The Education Support Centres of Ireland (ESCI) is the representative body of the 21 full-time and 9 part-time Education Centres across Ireland. As the representative body the role of ESCI is to seek to protect, promote and enhance the interests of its members within the Education Sector. In 2020 ESCI endorsed and launched their Statement of Strategy for 2020-2023 and this document outlines in its vision statement the work plan for ESCI over the next three years. This document is explicit in its stated vision: ‘’ESCI will be a significant partner in enabling education communities to meet the contextual needs of evolving educational policy and practice; providing quality professional and personal development for educators at local, regional and national level’’. As chairperson of ESCI, I will work with my fellow officers and members of the Executive Committee to realise this ambition. Collectively, our work will be underpinned by the values outlined in this Statement of Strategy; leadership, inclusivity, partnership and collaboration, transparency, accountability and commitment to positive change and sustained improvement. I look forward to working with all my Director Colleagues and their Management Committees over the course of my tenure to contributing positively to the sustained development of ESCI and our impact in the schools and classrooms of Ireland. David Mc Cague ESCI Chairperson

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